Lake Maggiore – Stresa

We offer you our experience in organizing excursions and tours on motorboat for singles, groups and schools to the Borromean Islands (Isola Madre, Isola Pescatori, Isola Bella)

Treasure hunt on Lake Maggiore

Wedding on Lake Maggiore
A treasure hunt is an opportunity of amusement as well as of visit to discover the beauty of this place.
The participants are divided in teams. Each team is led by an entertainer and has a motorboat equipped with all material necessary to the hunt. The teams will find in each envelope a puzzle word. Who solves the puzzle will find the treasure. At the end of the hunt, the teams are gathered for the winning team prizegiving!!
The teams will receive a list of objects to be sought within a given time. Walking through the streets of Isola Pescatori with a map, they will complete the first trials with some entertainers which will lead them. The players’ ability will depend on their skill to discover even the better hidden objects.
Each team will receive a camera with which they will take pictures of the most amusing moments of the day and of the most bizarre discoveries on the islands. The participants will be able to show their creativity and create their road book, which will be a great souvenir of the trip. Eventually a jury will judge and award the best and most bizarre pictures. For further information, please contact us!